I pray that this “vision” will be taken seriously. It is not the intention to be humiliating to anyone, but it is a simple attempt, to at least, let people reexamine their eschatological view in the light of Scripture Alone.

It is obvious that this is not a vision from above, but a commonsensical endeavor to explain the three Eschatological views prevalent in the Church in order to elucidate some irreconcilable perceptions to Scripture, when submitted under the authority of the Word of God alone. When we actually ruminate carefully and colorfully on these things, our pet perceptions of our futuristic views of the End Times, we might stand dumbfounded at some of the amusing scenes we might fantasize, seeking answers to unanswerable questions to explain our view, that Scripture does not answer unless we eisegetically misinterpret Scripture. That is, when we force Scripture into submitting to preconceived philosophies by reading into Scripture and not exegetically out of the pericope; that is, a critical analysis of the interpretation; what does the Bible say contextually about the particular passage. All another and false gospels utilize eisegesis.

It is therefore the objective of this “Vision” to inform Christians on the fallacy and the devastating consequences to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, when eschatological views are not scriptural in order for them to review their dogmas in the light of Sola Scriptura.

The Vision.

I was lying on my hammock by the sea in Yzerfontein South Africa when I saw this Vision clear as a Bell.


I see a group of people, men sitting at tables and woman sitting at other tables. Some of the men has long beards and most, some sort of cap on their heads. They are all circumcised and all wear Davidic stars on their breasts. Then I see many Gentile Christians, walking between the tables and serving these Jews, I recognize Hagee that I have seen on TBN, on his knees polishing a Rabbi’s shoes. Others, with a tray of eats, are moving between the tables and handing drinks and kosher eats to the Jews that they serve. Schofield is the head waiter with Darby as his second in command are managing all these servants to the Jewish tribe that arrived.  Jacob Prasch is sitting with some Rabbi’s and seems to have a special place with the Jews.

At one table sat a group of Jews, terribly scarred, most are blind, some Christians, also from this same group are serving these Jews and are also terribly mutilated.

Then one Rabbi stands up and calls all the waiters to stand in a group, like they do on Cruise Liners to acknowledge their service. “Today we give special thanks to those Christians that kept on believing that we are The Israel of God, the Kingdom of God, those that were not anti-Semitic and did not believe that the Church is the Israel of God consisting of Jewish and Heathen Christians but believed that God has a separate plan for the Jews during the Tribulation times. Thank you that you did not touch God’s anointed and prayed for our Peace and for our inheritance. Thank you for making it possible so that we will be able to return to our inheritance, our land that God promised to Abraham. You are therefore blessed by God because you stood by Israel to the bitter end. Thank you that you saw literally and believed in the second temple Judaism. We thank you that you did not replace Israel with the Church.

“Now is time”, says Jacob “that we go back with Jesus to serve Him in our thousand year reign, Jesus will be on the Throne of David and resurrected David will stand with King Jesus to reign as a subordinate with Him. Let us go and take down Anti-Christ and his hordes. This is the battle of Armageddon. Let us get on our horses and go and kick ass we will fight in the streets and in the byways.

After this I see a peaceful earth. During the thousand years I see children circumcised; I see mortals helping immortals to learn how to drive, they have particular problems with resurrected Moses and Abraham. They have no trouble with Jehu, he drives a Maserati furiously just as he drove a chariot. 2 Kings 9:20. Some mortals that were previously disadvantaged are being helped to get cash for their tithes by immortals walking through thick bank vaults to get money for them so that they can pay their tithe and be blessed in their going in and going out. I even see a sign on a shop,” come and receive Jesus today so that you will have an abundance crop this season with rain when needed.  The earth is populated once again with mortals, good and bad, children play with vipers and lions eat grass and lie with the sheep. One shop advertises: it is mutton night; “come and have your fill, left overs from the yearly sin offerings for free.”


After these things I saw a mighty army, dressed in shiny armour for battle. In front marches charismatic spiritual leaders, Walking tall as God’s army that overcame the world the flesh and the devil, established a Theocracy ruling over the world. Again, I recognize some TBN Tele-evangelists.

The Apostles are waiting in line with Paul first to congratulate them by a handshake of what they had accomplished for God during their establishing of God’s Kingdom by Triumphal empowerment by the Spirit that entered them. Jesus came in their flesh as modern Apostles and Prophets, the Anti-Christ are the Reformers they say; those that said Christ did not come in their flesh. Those warriors did the works that Jesus left for them to do, they binded the strong man and took strongholds down so that Jesus could be able to save some. They pleaded the blood, took possession of countries, and took all the gold and the oil for use of the Christian nation. With them I see some Anabaptists from Munster also in line for rewards to receive crowns for their effort in establishing a Kingdom during Calvin’s time.  All shiny armours, some are still polishing the crowns and their shoes and their armour, they need to shine for Jesus, and display the Glory of man’s contribution, the glory of the Arminian. Last I see Palagius and Jakob Harmenzoon of Oude Water dressed in somewhat old armour but are nevertheless welcomed by a Farmer with a hat and some of his followers with hats, only men. Some has banners proclaiming Health wealth and prosperity.

There I recognize a rich Joyce and Joel using copper polish to shine some dull armour. Motivate some to stand up straight and wear their crowns with dignity. I hear Joel say; “don’t worry if you are not shining, Jesus will excuse you, it is not your fault but the way the polish has been applied.”


Thereafter, everything went quiet, the trumpets, the Angels, the Elders in heaven. There was silence in heaven. Slowly the First and Second Group turned to see what is happening. The waiters stop serving the Jews, and watch, the mighty army walk over to see what is happening.

I see a wretched procession of people, dressed in drab old clothes, all torn and worn, specially the shoes are worn out, and they have their hats in their hands as they humbly struggle up the hill. Leading this pitiful procession is Luther Calvin, Wycliffe, Tyndale, Bunyan, Zwingli, Bonar, Owen, Spurgeon smoking his cigar, JI Packer, Rod, Kim and Michael and Ken, many I do not know, all with hats in their hands.

Then suddenly Someone stands up, radiant with light and that light reflects on this pathetic procession-no light from their own but reflecting in the heavenly Light is shiny beautifully thankful faces, singing Amazing grace, the Angels take up the chorus and saying worthy is the Lamb. And the procession fell down and worshipped him that liveth for ever and ever.

Then I asked “What meaneth these things.”

This is what the Angel explained to me:


The Jewish people at the tables are those Jews saved by Jesus Christ when Peter preached on Pentecost day and the other that came as a Jewish group was saved as a nation. Those serving the Jews are the Heathen Christians that came to know Jesus through Paul and during the gospel time. Most of them came recently from the great Rapture before the seven year Tribulation. They also serve those Jews that were saved during the seven year tribulation.

Then I ask the Angel: It is very confusing, The Church was raptured, and did that include Jews? The Jewish nation that came out of the Tribulation by the witnessing of the 144000 and those killed during the tribulation, are they part and parcel of the Church of Jesus Christ?  Are there two groups of God’s people then?

Yes says the Angel, the Kingdom of God and Kingdom of heaven. Do not fret over this Jesus will explain it to you, it is very confusing, even to me.

The scared and blind are those that suffered terribly during the Tribulation, nuclear fusion, great hailstones, stars falling as big as the earth. Yet they will be whole again when their bodies will be resurrected. Yet they have done an amazing great job of evangelizing the remaining people left after the Rapture, many did not take the credit card and did not receive the engraved chip with the 666 number under their skin by the Anti-Christ. Those that survive the second Holocaust of the Great Tribulation will remain to finish the Second Temple to prepare for the thousand year reign of Jesus and to help Jesus to wrap the Devil in chains for the thousand years. The few remaining Jews after the extermination by the Romans, the Germans, and the Anti-Christ will be saved as a nation of Israel, but they will be but a remnant of the remnant. After the thousand years they will unbind the devil and set him free to make the last war against God’s Immortal Saints left on the earth. Immortal against mortal.

The great battle for the Earth is the battle that you saw. Better than the one we have seen that Ron Hubbard describe in his Battle for the Earth. But this will be Armageddon battle for the earth with all the nations China, Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan against Jerusalem and the Saints left. But lo and behold the mighty army on white horses arrives from heaven to do battle against the Anti-Christ, the battle against Satan and his hordes to establish and earthly Kingdom for a thousand years.

Some that survived are the ones who helped to reinstate Levi sacrifices and rebuilt the temple to serve Jesus for a thousand years. They asked Jesus to oversee the sacrifices of animals because these were the types that Jesus completely fulfilled on the Cross of Calvary. For a thousand years they kept this on and squandered much time in a fruitless exercise. Jesus Himself was standing in front of them the whole time as the spiritual Temple and people kept coming from all over the world to bring their lambs to be sacrifices for their sins. It was no different than the Pharisees when Jesus stood in front of them as the Messiah that came as a propitiation for their sins but they were as spiritually blinded because they expected a Triumphant King as their leader to save them from Roman rule. They were the same as their leader Darby and could not see the meaning of the shadows that pointed to the fulfillment of the sacrifices and the real Temple, Christ.

They also fought for Israel in their wars against the Arabic states to try to win back the borders that God had given to Abraham and that was fulfilled in Solomon’s time. These were really foolish ones and could just not see the spiritual meaning of the Word of God. Jesus even made it plain in Scripture that John’s Revelation is a book of symbols and a thousand years meant the time of the Church on earth, the time of the Good News, the Gospel that Jesus fulfilled all types and shadows and will come back to Judge and not to Rapture. God treated everyone the same one salvation, one flock, one Church, one Israel of God consisting of all humans born from Adam and Eve. The Gospel is the Kingdom, The Kingdom is the Gospel. Besides the Gospel there is no Salvation for any creature of creation. One Kingdom, one flock, one promise in Abraham as children of God by faith only.


What about the second group, the mighty army of God?

Those are the ones that did not have the Gospel of the Cross but the false Gospel of Glory for man. Those that had an inner light, even the same as the Roman Catholic’s, they thought that they are justified and it becomes infused in their lives, now they must work together with the Spirit to obtain God’s blessing in their lives. They believed that Jesus did not completely overcome Satan and must therefore bind him, plead His blood against him, take down his strongholds, but it was sad because all those things Jesus has done on the Cross of Calvary and they thought that His Sacrifice was insufficient. You can even see some of them still polishing their shields of faith because they think it is their faith they need to muster, they never could understand that faith was not infused in them but a gift from God. It was Jesus’ amour of blood stained cloth that they were supposed to wear. He gave his cloth to them to wear, but they clothed themselves. It is very sad that they thought that Jesus saved them and now they can also go hell if they do not merit their salvation by working along with his Spirit and afraid that they will lose their salvation. They said they chose Jesus, but it was God who chose them. God clothed them with His Son who done all the work, who kept his commandments and lived a holy life for them because they are wicked, will always be wicked and sinners not able not to sin, or save themselves or contribute anything to their salvation or even choose Jesus.  They did not understand that they were justified without works that they did or will do. Some of them even hoarded money and material things on this earth. Some were the ones that were narcissistic by using God’s law to increase in stature, using the law to therapeutically change them in better persons, to better their lives on this condemned earth, to reach their full potential in their lives in their work in their homes, to be healthy wealthy and prosperous in all they do. Some even profiteered on the blood of the Lamb and was motivational speakers for man’s glory. They fleeced God’s flock, the widows, they even took their flesh and bones to enrich themselves, live affluent lives, big cars, houses, best medical aids, they told people to give so that they can get. Instead of understanding spiritually that Jesus was beaten so that they can be healed of their sin sickness, and that Jesus became poor that they can have the richness of salvation, that Jesus gave them his self-image of perfection and holiness while they will always be wicked and sinners they sought a self-image of their own, their own potential and earthly rewards. It is sad to say that most were dedicated and serious believers in Jesus but the flock was led astray by some of these deceivers that were seriously wrong.


Those that struggle up the hill, who are they?

Those are the ones who taught the Salvation is all of God, that God gets all the glory alone for salvation of mankind. Nothing from their personality, charisma, work, intelligence, talents or potential made God choose them, they are the ones who understood that; the Father chose, they are the ones who believed the Son gave his clothes to them, his justification, they were justified by Jesus works only that He imputed to them, and Jesus took their sin and imputed it to Him. They still have nothing in them that are meritorious, still sinners but made righteous by Jesus works on the Cross. They understood spiritually that Jesus fulfilled all the promises, all the shadows, types, symbols, that Jesus is the second Israel, the second Adam, the spiritual Israel, God is not a respecter of persons and his Redemption plan is for the whole world, which means all types of nations even the Jews that rejected Him he gave salvation to some.

Their work was the work of faith in what Jesus accomplished, they placed God on the throne as sovereign and almighty and gave him all the glory alone that their salvation was by grace alone, by faith alone, by Christ alone according to Scripture alone and they did not take any new revelation besides the Bible that was sufficient to them for maturing them. They did not come against Satan that was bound, they did not plead Jesus blood against them because it was pleaded, the did not loose people out of Satan’s clutches because they were loosed on the Cross, they stood in The Faith of what the Father had accomplished in His Son and by His Spirit once and for all.

They understood that they were all justified by faith and not any works, not any merit of their own, even before birth God justified the wicked, while they were sinners without God foreseeing that they will one day choose Jesus, without God foreknowing that the one will fulfill His plan better. No, while they could not choose, while they were dead in their trespasses and sins, while they were the scum of the earth, the sinners, the wicked, did God chose those that the world despise, so that God will demonstrate and show His glory in those He saved, some out of every human race that has been condemned to eternal hell fire. Even those that are not predestined know that they deserve their just punishment and willingly bow their knee to God as a Just God, as the God who judged the earth but also as the Judge who became the Savior of some. They at last, give God the glory, even eternally dammed.

They witnessed to the Jews because they understood that they are an unreached group and they need to come to Christ as one of the human race. They were not therapeutic, pragmatistic, relativistic, liberalistic, humanistic, and materialistic but held to those principles of Paul. They did not dwell in extra biblical phenomena, did not dwell in extra biblical experiences and practices the likes of Charismatic ecstatic and aesthetic worship that was but extra biblical things that titillate their flesh thinking that it is the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the one that only enlightens what He has written in Scripture alone for the Redemption of man only. They did not promote themselves as new age Apostles and Prophets because Jesus was the fulfillment of all Prophets.

They used Scripture alone as the basis of doctrine as Jesus had used only Scripture after His resurrection to verify His Divinity as he has done to the two disciples from the village of Emmaus that were devastated because the Jesus that they thought  was the One to deliver Israel from Roman oppression was dead. They and the eleven Apostles did not understand that Jesus came to save them from their sins. But only after Jesus broke bread with those from the village of Emmaus, which meant: he gave them the real food from heaven by explaining the Scriptures about Moses and the Prophets spoken about Jesus. Luk 24:27 and beginning at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself. It is the Word made flesh, the living Word, the bread of heaven that the Holy Spirit reveals  to us and open our eyes so that we can by given faith, have The Faith, the Gospel, by grace, so that we can understand, so that our eyes can be opened as Jesus take away the covering over us. We can only eat of that bread, the Tree of Life if God gives it to us; we cannot partake of the Tree of Life on our own choice of will, but only can partake of it when given. We will always partake of the Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil if we are left to our own choice and will. By grace only we are fed the Tree of Life from God’s hands only, by God’s choice only, by God’s predestination, a chosen generation, a remnant that God leaves and feeds, His flock, and gave His blood for His flock, His elect unconditionally because He Justified them. The Father gives to His Son and elect people with Christ as the Mediator and the Spirit as the person who unites the elect to the Son.  These are the ones that understood clearly what the True Gospel is, these are the ones that you see coming up the hill, humble with their hats in their hands. You are only sanctified by the Truth, that only, sets you completely free.

Are the first two Groups saved, I asked?

Yes they are saved but through fire and all their works have been burned as straw and wood. 1Cor 3:15.  If any man’s work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire.


Let us look at some of the unbiblical ideas that Walvoord used to teach and left the legacy of the Rapture as an inheritance to the Church.

“The Third and final stage is at the Rapture when the bride is presented in her perfection. There is no stain; or discoloration, no wrinkle, no blemish, but in every respect the bride is holy and blameless. This, of Course, is the result of the sanctifying work at the time of the Rapture when the church is made like Christ.”  Walvoord, Every Prophecy of the Bible, p. 618.

There is no sanctifying work at the time of the Rapture, or the Church made like Christ. We are Justified by imputed righteousness, made holy and acceptable to be the bride of Christ. Sanctification does not make us acceptable to God. Walvoord obviously did not understand Justification by faith alone. We are blameless and holy, no discoloration, no wrinkle, no blemish in Christ Jesus. A spotless bride when Christ returns and not at a so called fallacy of a Rapture. Surely we will meet our Bridegroom when we are united with our bodies.

Walvoord exposed his unbiblical madness in the following sentence: “God deals differently with different people such as Israel, the Church, and various nations. God deals with each individual as well as each group on the basis of the qualities that are revealed in them.” Now this is an eye opener. What Walvoord said then is; that Israel had better qualities than other nations or individuals. So God’s choice then is based on merit and not by Abrahamic faith. Who was justified, the bad Tax Collector or the good Pharisee? I can open on any page of Walvoords book, Every Prophecy of the Bible, and I will find some unbiblical explanation. For example: on page 628: “The nation of Israel, however, will also have the benefits of the rule of David resurrected from the dead as a regent of Christ.” What utter nonsense he wrote. Walvoord even suggest that the New Jerusalem will be a satellite city over the earth during the Millennium and as such would be the home of resurrected and translated saints. He did not know if the new earth will be bigger or smaller than the present one.

He was so confused, had so many brides, suppers, invitations, kingdom’s, gospels that no man can explain the magnitude of complications that Premillennial views gives. Just to believe in a literal New Jerusalem City, where Israel will be part of that populace boggles one’s mind and the only sane conclusion one can come to is that this interpretation; is devoid of the Spirit of God.

When we look at the poor exegesis of Scripture by leading theologians that are no longer with us, and we see that they did not even understand the Gospel, then we should be doubtful to follow their view of the future of the Church.

For the most Biblical view of the Future of Israel and the Church, go to the following link:


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I know I am speaking harshly, even about those Christians that have passed away, but I have been deceived by Dispensationalism and Postmillennialism and will make every effort to put things in Biblical terms. It has been a difficult road to forgive those that led me down these unscriptural paths. It is serious pulpit crimes and attempts, if possible, to destroy or alter the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are sanctified by the Truth, the Bible does have an absolute Truth and that is definitely not Dispensationalism or Postmillennialism.

We are all corrupt sinners before God, saved by grace only, clothed by Jesus righteousness only, we will keep on corrupting Scripture because we are sinful, but the good news is, that there is a single Truth that sanctifies completely, and that is the one that we must seek. God is spirit and Truth, God speaks in parables, types, shadows, symbols, Jesus fulfilled all those types. He is the True Israel, only in Him are we the true spiritual Israel, Jews and heathen included, true Temple, the New Jerusalem, the City of God, the spiritual Kingdom, which is the Gospel, nothing material or literal meaning. No earthly reign for Jesus with David for a thousand years.

Nico Engelbrecht